Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Prince or Princess Charming?

Or do perfect people even exist?


If you feel inclined to slam your fist through your computer screen, please refrain. My thoughts on whether or not perfect singles exist are not my own, although I am expressing them. They are widely known facts, fully practiced and tested by many people I know.

First, you meet someone. He or she either grabs your attention first off, or they slowly pull you into their world. Either way, they've got you, hook, line and sinker. (We all do hope there isn't a hook.)

Then they meet you. Suddenly, the lights go off. Or if this amazing person is really rotten, they'll play with you, lead you in, and abruptly give you a thorough jab of their hook by announcing that they're engaged, courting or dating, or give the all-around flash of disinterest -"Oh, we're just friends." They've suddenly seen a side of you that they didn't know you had - or SOME thing - even though you smiled incessantly, did many things out-of-your-way to impress, or simply sat and minded your own business. Whatever it was that you did, they're busy with others now. WHAT? Why? You're upset. Duh. And you vow to never let your silly heart do that to you again.

If you're wise, you'll realize that if Mr. or Ms. Amazing couldn't see through whatever faults you may have, they're not the one for you. But then you get thinking, "Am I being picky? I guess there really isn't a perfect person." Some even go as far as to take the first one that comes along, and for two reasons:
1. The first person who comes along has been a long time in coming.
2. There may never be anyone else.

And they justify it with what I said at the beginning of this post: There aren't really any Prince or Princess Charmings.

But now I'll double-cross you.

There is.

I am one of the too-few people I know who still believe in dreams. Not the physical kind of dream, but rather the kind that stirs in the soul of man, spurring, convincing, thriving, ever hoping. This dream never dies. It tells you when you've seen righteousness, when you've tasted love, when you've made beauty, when you're living on the mountain top. In the heart of mankind, God, by His grace, has placed first and foremost a desire to know and love Him, and secondly the desires, talents and dreams that, in your lifetime, you can see come to pass. I believe that inside the heart of every boy and girl there is a small dream, perhaps so small they aren't even aware it is there, and perhaps almost entirely undeveloped, but there, anyway. This tiny dream is the complete person God is preparing them to marry. And for them, this person is perfect, even with all of his or her faults.

Whenever we try to tweak God's plan, which of course we can't, we end up with a mess. Whenever we go ahead and love someone outside God's commands (for a Christian, out of the faith) and whenever we love someone we have had to work at loving, convince ourselves we love, or believe the words of others telling us we love, we are being traitors to ourselves. We should never disobey God's commands. We should never disobey the God-given authority in our lives unless it contradicts God Himself. And in this area, Christian men and women should allow the spirit of God to rule and form their dream - not die to it. This dream must be very much alive, no matter how hopeless it seems, in order for it to be fulfilled. But it must be born out of the heart of God and yielded completely to His leading.

If you are a fiery tempered female, God knows that you'll never make it with a fiery tempered male. If you are visionary, God knows you need someone who is practical. If you are completely down-to-earth, perhaps your heart and God's tells you that you need someone who soars in the sky, and lives, generally, out of this world.

Whoever it is that you are, you must realize one thing. There really are no perfect people. But there is one person who is perfect - for you. Don't sell yourself short. Don't give yourself away too soon - mentally, physically or spiritually. When that perfect person does arrive, make sure it's the one before you fall. And when you fall, fall hard - and fall forever, never to be the same again.


Leah said...

That is... wow... so beautiful, Sarah!! Thank you for sharing that - I needed that with certain things I'm going through at the present. ;) Love you oodles!

Anonymous said...

I ditto Leah, very well said...Hope you're doing great...I haven't seen much of you lately, but you seem to be VERY busy...
Love you, & may God bless you!
Sarah P.

Kristin said...

Hi Sarah! You don't know me... I happened to stumble on your blog. Just wanted to leave you a comment saying I was very touched by this post. It was just what I needed to hear today. May God bless you RICHLY!

Sarah Byrum said...

Thank you, girls, for your delightful comments. Kristin, thank you for your comment! Nice to meet you:)