Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coming Up Fall of This Year


Cheri said...

Wow, just seeing the trailer made me nearly in tears!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didnt know they were putting out another one. Their movies are really good. Thanks for putting this up. Yeah I had heard of the Harris's (previous post) They are doing a lot of good and are encouraging. Thankyou for you comment. I am new to blogspot but I've had a xanga site for like 2 and a half yrs so I'm not a 'new' blogger.;) I dont know if I'll update my blogspot very often though. I dont think I have the time for two blogs, my xanga is already dreadfully neglected. However, we are thinking about switching from xanga to blogspot in the future... but this has all become what my bros refer to as: "Information overload." :D Have a good day.
-- VoNdA

Sarah Byrum said...

I know, Cheri!=)
Hi, Vonda!
Welcome to Blogger! I was speaking with your relative, Faith Strubhar, the other day and she mentioned your name. I went, "Oh! I think I've heard that name before. Wait! A girl commented on my blog by that name. She said she lives in Grangeville?"

Faith laughed and told me to tell you "Hi!" for her.'s a small world after all! It would be fun to get to know you, even over email. My address is
Have a terrific day. ;)