Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Though I'd Rather Not

In case some of you are wondering why it is that you haven't heard from me in awhile - I'd like to let you know that I'm in Seattle with my father on business. Although Seattle is really never my choice of destinations, my father is always my choice for a companion, and I of course, happily agreed to accompany him. I'm still here, but we'll be flying out today.
When I got here, I told the Lord in my prayers that this "was the last place on earth I wanted to be at." Surrounded by all of my father's guy friends who only talk business and annoying topics - or politics, (ah!) that I don't agree with - and that I can't argue with, either. Simply because they're men means I can't say whatever I want whenever I want to, that I can't be like I usually am with my dear father. Everything is so much different, and yesterday, at least, I hated it.
But guess what? That's right where God wanted me to be yesterday. He wanted my smile in Seattle, my helping hand, and most of all - He wanted the opportunity to show up in this dark area through the person of me. I had that opportunity and I took it, feeling that if I didn't take it, I'd regret it later. Even though it wasn't fun, Jesus helped me to see that by following His lead anyway, He'd bless me for it and make everything turn out right anyway.
And guess what? He did.
My father and I have been able to enjoy some wonderful talks and special times together, and even when we haven't, and I have been surrounded by those who I consider to be the most indescribably boring people on the universe, (ha!) Jesus has proved himself faithful. Through me, no matter what kind of a time I'm having - good, bad, or horrible - I want people to see the Saviour of the world. Though I'd rather not, it doesn't matter. Hey, that makes a pretty good proverb to live by.
See you when I'm home.