Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Rebelutionary Phenomenon

And he's only sixteen. But for Zach Hunter, the author of Be the Change, the director of the ministry organization Loose Change 2 Loosen Chains and the speaker to thousands of people worldwide on the issue of modern day slavery, this phenomenal way of living didn't come easy.

In Do Hard Things written by the inspirational Harris brothers, they describe the intense obstables Zach had to overcome in order to actually do great things for God. For Zach this meant he had to overcome a severe anxiety disorder and speak in front of huge audiences concerning what he was passionate about.

This interview does an excellent job of expounding on the values that motivate this young man and empower him to change the world. (I do not neccesarily agree with everything said by the interviewer, just as a side note.)

Whoever you are, remember to not despise your youth or the youth in your life. Youth can, will, and are making a difference in their world...right now.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've been watching your website/blog for a while, & decided to write a note.
I'm glad we're still friends,...I was starting to get worried!!! :)
Miss you, & I've been thinking of you lots too!
Love you lots!
Sarah P.

Mom said...

I love you Sarah. I believe in you and look forward to seeing you succeed in all that God has planned for you.You are beautiful inside and out. May all that you do be inspired by our Savior. I am proud of you daughter. Bless you.
Love, Mom