Monday, September 24, 2007

What Makes a Dream Home?

Sometimes dream homes take a little bit longer to create than the turn key commercials make you think. I actually see them all the time. So do you. Commercials advertising construction companies' services by actually false advertising. How? They tell you, "Here it is- the home of your dreams, in the perfect neigborhood. Just turn the key and presto, you're there."
I quite disagree. First of all, what defines a home of your dreams? We'll get to that later. A perfect neigborhood? What on earth defines that? In the most perfect of neigborhoods there is always something, or rather someone, that makes it perfectly unperfect. Turn the key and presto? I don't think so. When a house lacks furniture, it can hardly be called a dream home yet, and certainly when it lacks people it lacks the term "home." But that's what I'm getting to.
My family and I are preparing to move into a house we are just closing on. It's in the location we want it, with all the amenities we want it to have, and even designed the way we would design it ourselves. What makes me write about this today is the fact that we have been out furniture shopping all day long, as we have been faithfully doing for the past week. Furniture and a beautiful home might, to some, be considered a faithful definition of a dream home, but again, I quite disagree.
To me, a dream home is only a dream if the people you love dwell in it with you. Otherwise, to me this "dream home" would be rather empty, and therefore not a dream at all. I would far rather live in a shack, certainly not a physically appealing home, and be the happiest surrounded by those I love - and those who love me - than in the finest home advertised anywhere.
Where my family is, where those I love are, that is my dream home. Certainly my family and I would love to be hospitable with the great tool of a beautiful home, but first things first. My family and I will truly have a dream home when we're in it.
For those of you who have heard about our planned move to Rockford Bay, congratulations! For once you have not heard wrong, and happily, things are moving about as planned. I am delighted to say that by mid October we should be tucked in nicely in our new home. Our dream home, with furniture - but most of all, with us.

Friday, September 21, 2007

A Noble Calling

Here I am again. It's another day, another hour, another moment and opportunity to share with the world everything that God asks me to share. To tell of His greatness, proclaim His kingdom, and allow the world to see His me.
This is not my first blog, as those of you who closely follow my tracks know, however; this will henceforth be my most personal. If you wish to learn of my personal life behind closed doors, you'll find it here. If you wish to know the real me, even though it may be through the aid of impersonable computers, you can find it here. Because on these pages of my public journal you will find the thoughts of my heart clearly printed. In me you may find failure and triumph, and in my world you will see sunshine and rain, but through it all, I pray that you will see the deeper Meaning in life. This journey that I have decided to take - is my noble calling. As you watch my life, my heart's desire is that your own conscience will perceive the need for a life lived for higher purposes, and that your heart will lead you on the journey of your own noble calling. A calling is purpose, a reason we're here, a reason to live, to strive for. Welcome to mine, and may the light of the Lord shine vividly into your heart, inciting change.

The lyrics of a song I once composed with the assistance of my musical partners, my two sisters, goes as follows:

Noble calling speaks to me just like the gleam of stars;
like the sun, as it falls down, or the running stream.
I can hear it plucking on this heart string in me.
It tells me I will never walk alone,
It tells me there's a point to this road,
It tells me that you are always there;
It tells me that this is my call.

Noble calling says me name,
tells me to keep on.
When I'm weak, it breaths in me,
helps me, makes me strong.
When it's not easy,
when it's hard to believe,
yet will my heart still.

Because in me Your call still rings, telling me to go on.

It tells me I will never walk alone.
It tells me there's a point to this road.
It tells me that You are always there.
It tells me... this is my call.

To my dear family, friends, acquaintances, and readers, the reason my life means anything to you and anything to me is because of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, the Giver of all life, hopes and dreams, the Lover of my soul - and yours. The reason the call He gives us is noble is because He is. He is!