Monday, February 18, 2008

Just Another Birthday? I Don't Think So...

I am not one of those easily amused young people who think that turning eighteen is the greatest thing that ever occurred to them. Eighteen, to me, is far to adultish to even dwell upon. Half of me wants to grow up real fast - and be the person of my future immediantly. The other half of me dreads the pages of my life story I have not yet seen - and longs to stay right where I am - innocent, happy and carefree. It can be scary growing up, and I realize that for many people it actually is. I have decided to take as much of the scariness out of it as I possibly can - and portray a happy, blossoming adulthood - as charming and wonderful as it really is.
My birthday was simply beautiful. Those who surround my life with grace poured so many blessings over my head in words, actions, and deeds, that I feel I cannot ever repay them all. The goodness that God continually shows to me through those I love reminds me of how unworthy I am - and how worthy He is.
One of the greatest surprises that fell on me during my birthday celebration was the sudden appearence of my dear, sweet friend Leah Cross from Colorado. She was such a dear - never mentioned a word about wanting to come and see me for my birthday. That morning I had been hugely occupied with cleaning the house (a pastime, not surprisingly, I find myself doing often) - orders from my loving dad. He insisted that I clean very well - as a Valentine gift for my mother whom he was "taking out to lunch." When they called up about an hour earlier than I expected for two happy adults at lunch on Valentine's Day, announcing that they were on their way home, I was rather annoyed. And when they got home, I had, of course, been panting away as I tried to clear everything and scrub everything scrubbable in sight. Dad came upstairs with a flushed and excited face and told all of us kids to sit down at the table and wait for Mom to come upstairs. Sit at the table? Why ever? I sat down with my head in my hands. As soon as I saw Mom land at the top of the stairs, I saw a girlish figure next to her, blue eyes, regular beam and everything. Her face was familiar. I knew who she was. Wait! It was Leah! But she was in Colorado - what on earth! Was I dreaming? No, there she was, with her awful camera and everything, literally taking in every expression on my spellbound face.
We have had a blast this week. I can't say that any other birthday of mine has been more enjoyable. Everything has changed for me. I'm not seventeen anymore - I'm eighteen. But some things still stay the same. I'm still Sarah. Although I hope to grow stronger in grace, more steadfast in my faith, more joyful in my circumstances, more restless and posied for change, and above all - far closer to my Lord and Savior - yet I will always be Sarah. No matter what turn my life may take, I'm still, and always will be, me. As one famous poet quoted, "Change the world, but never let it change you."


Leah said...

You silly goose. ;) You make me smile. :) And I'm SO thankful the Lord worked it out for me to come up here for your birthday.. thank YOU for having me. :) Love you! Blessings to you throughout this next year of your life.. I know He has beautiful things in store for your future.

"For I know the plans I have for you, to give you a future and a hope."

Cheri said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah! I'm glad to hear that you've had an enjoyable one!