Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Newsy News on This Corner of The World...

We, the Byrum family, are well-known by our close associates for a crazy lifestyle. That is, one that is only organized by little leaps here, and rarely by bounds. We are the family known for their late nights, super busy schedules, and the family known for loving company. For as long as I can remember, my parents have been the most people friendly people I know. Sometimes this gets us into trouble, (as we're finding out with our children getting older) but at other times, we find that the essence of life finds us right there - in the midst of it all. I am, really, truly, happy to be sharing a life with the sweetest people I know, a life with a family that is truly the greatest...even if my schedule can't be kept while keeping theirs.
This next week will be an amazingly busy one for even our family. It is THE moving week! We are so excited to be actually moving into our new home, even though the construction is not completely finished. My bedroom, (actually, us girls' bedroom) is still dirt and gravel with a covering over it. We can't start construction on it until our radiant heat material comes in the mail. When it does, our room will be up in no time. Until then, however, I find myself looking out the window in the place that will be my future room, and dreaming of the happy years ahead - when I will be dreaming and writing in a new bedroom, in a new home, with the same people I love.
Another exciting highlight of my week is the arrival of my precious friend, (whom many of you know by reputation) Leah Cross from Colorado! What a dear friend she has been to me through the years! (Leah - I love you!) She stands a wonderful example for me, (for almost nine years!) and the big sister figure I have never had. We are elated that she is able to stay a week with my family and me. We will have a blast, to say the very least!
My big brother turns eighteen this Saturday. My family and I stand in awe at what the Lord has done these past two years of his life with us. My brother is a constant source of strength for me -the cornerstone and pillar in my life who anchors me to the ground when my dreams soar too high, my source of smiles when my laughing tank is empty, and my dear brother in the Lord who ever presses me on to greater heigths in my walk with God. I love you, Jonathan!
My mother's birthday is also coming up. I plan on posting a tribute to my precious ruby on the ninth.
And, until next time, I will be ever busy with my family's plans, and also the continuing project my precious friend, Kindra, and I are working on: our Christmas musical script for our drama group's Christmas performance this year.
Also, stay tuned for the latest Byrum website on the block: Me on the web? You bet! Two years in the making, with various technical changes and problems, will soon be available to the public along with all of my vocational branches including the SVW, the NICHEAD, my current writing projects, photography, and music. We are praying that this online ministry will be a haven of joy, a source of excellent literary and musical art, as well as a wellspring of spiritual encouragement for Christians.
As I close, know that my family keeps you, our dear friends, in our thoughts and prayers as we draw closer to this special time of year. With each autumn leaf that falls to the ground, another is on its way...

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Leah said...

*smile* You are such a dear thing, Sarah... you're just TOO sweet. :) I am so excited to think I'll be seeing you and your family in 3 days! :)